Sensooli OT - FAQ's & Document Submission


Payment is made weekly for the previous weeks sale. E.g. an assessment block booked and paid for by the client the previous Monday-Friday will be paid out the following week to your nominated bank account.

  • You are responsible for ensuring the relevent insurance is kept up to date and submitting this to us using the form below. You must also evidence your qualification by uploading that below.
  • You must follow our process and systems.
  • You control the content of the therapy delivered.

This should not happen as you are expected to keep your diary and availability tup to date, however we are all human and on the rare occasion an error occurs or you are sick, you must inform the client and make a new date as soon as you are aware you cannot fulfil the commitment.

You can let us know via email on Ideally, we would like you to complete any commitments made to existing clients, but not take on any new ones. If this is not possible, we will endeavour to transfer any bookings to a different therapist. You will be expected to repay any money for sessions not completed and we would pass that onto the replacement therapist.

We will handle all the admin and back-end website work, as well as promotions and marketing. The customer remains the property of Sensooli. We will communicate with you regarding any bookings and automate the process as well as providing full training and support throughout.

We really want to make this program work, so our clients get the best experience and support. So we welcome feedback. This can be done by emailing us on with the subject line ‘Sensooli OT Feedback’. We will review this and come back to you within 5 days about any actions we are able to take and/or book a call with you to see how we can improve our service.

Please complete the form below to enable us to finalise your set up.