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Save with Sensooli Store Credits

Sensooli store credits can be used to purchase most items in the Sensooli Sensory Store as an alternative to a card.  Great for easy budgeting and money management or to issue to anyone in your care. Many of our regular monthly members use it as a payment plan towards Christmas, saving their Sensooli store credits monthly to buy bigger items later in the year.

Anyone can buy credits but if you are a Sensooli VIC member then a further 15% will be deducted from the prices below at the checkout, saving you even more money, it is a significant saving so well worth investigating.





20 Store Credits

20 Credits


365 days

50 Store Credits

50 Credits


365 days

100 Store Credits

100 Credits


365 days

500 Store Credits

500 Credits


365 days

1000 Store Credits

1000 Credits


365 days

Sensooli VIC Members get 10 Sensooli store credits each month, which is roughly equivalent to one product. You will see next to products in our store a ‘normal’ cash price and a credit price. Credit prices tend to save you more money than paying cash and also give you upgraded shipping.

As a rule of thumb, a credit is valued at £1.50, a lot of our products are priced around £16.95 or 10 credits. If you paid with credits you save £2 AND get upgraded to first class shipping.

Credits can also be topped up using the options below and sometimes Sensooli store credits are issued as customer rewards to our Sensooli VIC Members.

Regardless of whether you are a Sensooli VIC member or bulk buy without being on this plan, you will benefit from:

  • FREE first class Shipping
  • Allocate credits to ‘team’ members
  • Savings on items when buying with credits.

Please note, once you have credits they are valid for 365 days, giving you plenty of time to spend them. Plus they appear instantly in your account balance after purchase meaning you can use them straight away.

It is also important to understand you cannot have a ‘mixed’ check out, so you cannot use 8 store credits and top up the difference with cash. You can only check out with either a total cash basket or a total Sensooli store credits basket.

Any questions, let us know