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Build Your Personalised Sensory Toolbox

Get started with a Personalised Toolbox

Designed to get you started with building powerful SPD habits.

Combine our product selection with your personalselection by using your included 30 store credits on products of your choice – get the entire Sensory Starter Toolbox worth £105.20 for just £79.95

Get all this for just £79.95

Checkout whats included in the box below or chat to us here if you need help finding the right product.

1. Give Your Hoodie Strings a Sensory Upgrade

Chubes Sensory Chew Accessories Hidden Superpowers

You are not the only one who finds themselves reaching for the strings of your hoodie and have a good chomp and that is exactly why the Chubes were made. It makes them extremely functional and discreet. and no more soggy strings.

  • Smooth texture with a good bounce back
  • Great for hoodie strings, very discreet
  • Can also be pushed onto the ends of stationary
  • Can be worn on the cord as a necklace with spares
  • Being hollow we have had success with dummy weaning as it gives similar feedback to a dummy
  • Can be slipped over headphone wires

Normal price – £16.95

I'm ready! Let me buy the box!

2. The Jazz Pendant

The Jazz Pendant is our celebration of diverse sensory habits.  Adaptable for most habit redirecting with robust funky styles.

A firm favourite with thumb suckers, nail biters, and hand chewers, you too can change those habits by using the super discreet and practical Jazz pendant.

  • Super, soothing, smooth glossy finish for satisfying sensory feel
  • Successfully helped hand chewers, thumb-suckers, and sleeve biters
  • Discreet design
  • Can be used as a pendant or a handheld

Normal price – £16.95

93% of customers report improved concentration & reduced anxiety

3. Realm Ring Pendant

Realm Ring Pendant Sensory Chew Hidden Superpowers

As you chew on it, you feel the spring and bounce, along with the feeling of resistance as the ring folds in on itself and fights to regain its shape.

  • Silky, glossy, smooth feel
  • Wear as a pendant or use as a handheld stress reliever
  • Discreet and stylish
  • Suitable for school, work, or home

Normal price – £16.95

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4. Two Top Selling Chewigem Original fidgets

Keep Calm, Keep Fidgeting!

Included in your toolbox are two Sensory Fidgets from our very own brand, Chewigem Originals.

  • The Tangle – Twist and turn it and enjoy it perpetually twirling around itself.
  • Stress Ball – Divinely soft and springy

Normal price – £9.95

5. Sensory Store Credits X 30

Sensooli Store Credits can be used as an alternative to your payment card in the Sensooli Online Store.  You will save money every time you use a Sensooli Store Credit and automatically get your shipping upgraded.

  • Purchasing this Sensory Kit instantly adds 30 credits to your account
  • Using credits means you save on every order

Normal price – £44.85

Enough already! What a deal! Let me buy the box!

6. Meet your Sensory Support Tribe

Perhaps the biggest reason to become a member is the people you will meet.

We are a community and you can join too!

You will build supportive friendships with fellow Sensory Seekers of all ages, parents, professionals, and family members. This is a place you can share real-life experiences with people who understand you.

The group is currently administered via a tightly monitored Facebook Group. The Sensooli Sensory Support team are in the group every day answering questions, signposting useful content, and even arranging one-to-one private support sessions.

If you are new to understanding SPD or would like to meet other people sharing similar experiences to you then we highly recommend trying it out. Join here.

Get The Sensory Toolbox for just £79.95

Sensory Starter Toolbox & Credits worth £105.20

Personal introduction into the Sensory Support Group

3 Month VIC Membership trial

Chat with Sensory Support team

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