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Worry Stones – Pocket Sized Sensory Chew Stim stones Chewigem Original from sensooli.com – ch-worry-stones


Worry Stones – Pocket Sized Sensory Chew Stim stones

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Chewigem Originals

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Customer reviews

  1. fiona (verified owner)

    A great part of the worry stones is that it gives three, so it’s easy to leave one in a pocket or bag to have ready without needing to remember to pack it. The stones are not as thick as the eternity chew or the realm ring, and while they were a bit bigger than I imagined, they are smaller than the two chews mentioned too. I found them great to chew with my front teeth and that they are great for a more gentle nibble. They have been perfect for me in situations where I was not overwhelmed but needed just a bit to help me concentrate. Fitting one all the way in my mouth to reach the back teeth didn’t work well for me. The texture is a slightly rough one, the pattern feels like a snake skin or looks like ripples in a water pond. It is interesting but not too much for me.
    I don’t really like the colors, but the orange is bright enough to be easy to find inside a bag or pocket, so that’s helpful.

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