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Koala™ Therapeutic Luxury Weighted Blanket


Koala™ Therapeutic Luxury Weighted Blanket



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If you are looking for an excellent quality luxury weighted blanket this is it. 

The Koala Blanket is a therapeutic weighted blanket that uses deep touch technology to calm the central nervous system to help stabilize your stress levels, increase relaxation and improve sleep.

The Koala Blanket is eco-friendly & durable, yet extremely comfy.

To achieve the full therapeutic effect of your Koala weighted blanket, it should weigh 7-13% of your body weight.

Up to 50kg bodyweight – choose the 4kg Blanket

50 -84Kg Bodyweight – choose the 6.8kg Blanket

Over 85Kg Bodyweight – choose the 9kg Blanket

Perfect For Winter & Summer

The weighted duvet fits perfectly inside the Koala cover, which has two sides for comfort. Depending on your mood and temperature, use either the:

    • Silky eco bamboo side for the warmer days
    • Ultra-soft Minky side for the cooler days



Cord TypeNo cord attached

Children should only use a weighted blanket for 15-20mins at a time and it is not suitable for babies or toddlers

A weighted blanket should not be more than 10% of your body weight

Please consult your physician or doctor before using the Koala Weighted Blanket, if you have any heart problems and grade 2 diabetes.

Taking care of your weighted blanket is relatively simple.

Light stains

For light stains, like chocolate, baby milk or dirt, you can gently wipe clean your weighted blanket with a clean and damp microfibre cloth, or a clean and damp lint-free rag. Just rub the stain with the cloth to wet it, and it should disappear.

If it doesn’t, try adding a little soap to the cloth. Hand soap will work absolutely fine, although you should also wet the stain before applying, so the soap can lather. Be gentle and patient, working the cloth into your blanket.

If this removes the stain successfully, you can use a hairdryer to accelerate the drying process. This is safer than throwing it in the dryer which is not recommended. Alternatively, hang it out to dry indoors or outside if the weather’s nice.

If the stain is still there once your blanket is dry, you’ll probably need to machine wash it or soak the outer cover in warm water for a little bit.

Soiling and general cleaning

If your weighted blanket becomes soiled or starts to smell, or could just do with being cleaned properly, you have two choices. You can either wash it by hand, or you can chuck it in the washing machine. The choice is yours.

Now, we can’t speak for all weighted blankets, but the Koala Blanket is hand and machine washable. If you don’t have a Koala Blanket, please check with your blanket manufacturer to see if your blanket is machine washable.

The cleaning process for the Koala Blanket is quite simple:

The cover is machine washable and can be dry cleaned. You should ALWAYS remove the cover and wash it separately.

The cover can be safely thrown into your washing machine on a wool setting or another gentle setting on a cool wash or up to 30°C. We do not recommend a wash cycle exceeding 30°C because it may damage the cover.

The best way to clean the weighted insert, or duvet part of your weighted blanket, is by hand using cold water. The easiest way to do this is with a showerhead. You shouldn’t soak the insert because it will get very, very heavy.

What and what not to wash it with

  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not use whitening powders
  • Do not use stain removers
  • You can safely use scent boosters
  • You can safely use fabric softener
  • You can use any standard bio or non-bio washing powder in the washing machine, but you don’t need a lot.

How to Clean A Weighted Blanket-Koala-Blanket

Tips for washing a weighted blanket by machine

  1. Hot temperatures can change the physical characteristics of the outer cover. The only truly safe setting is a cold wash
  2. The cover is best washed separately, but it can be washed with other things, so long as they are not new and there is no risk of colour transfer
  3. You should always choose the gentlest wash. If your machine has a ‘hand wash’ setting, this will work brilliantly. Otherwise, silk, wool, or delicate fabrics setting will be fine. Just make sure the temperature is set to cool, or 30°C
  4. NEVER use a quick wash. Quick washes spin very quickly and don’t always adequately spin and drain the contents of the washing machine. Slow, smooth and steady wins the race for washing a weighted blanket
  5. Remember to take the blanket out after the cycle ends. Otherwise, it might start to smell and need washing all over again
  6. With the Koala Blanket, only the outer cover is machine washable. The weighted insert should always be washed by hand.

Tips for cleaning a weighted blanket by hand

  1. You can wash the outer cover and the weighted insert by hand, but you should wash them separately for best results
  2. For the outer cover, you can use lukewarm water or cold water. You can safely soak the cover or use a showerhead
  3. For the weighted insert, you should always use cold water. You should never soak it because it will more than double in weight
  4. If you have a bath, this is the best place to get a cleaning. Soak the outer cover in there, or use a showerhead on the weighted insert
  5. Try not to get the weighted insert too wet. If it gets too wet, it will take a very long time to dry and may get too heavy to carry
  6. If the weighted insert is soiled and needs a heavy clean – for example, if milk has been spilt on it and has started to go off – soak that area only in the bath or sink with a little bit of soap or detergent and gently agitate the surface. Make sure you rinse the soap/detergent away afterwards.

What about drying?

The best way to dry a weighted blanket is to hang it out to dry. This will ensure it keeps its shape. You shouldn’t tumble dry a weighted blanket (either the outer cover or weighted insert) because the heat can damage the material. The fast spin of a tumble dryer can also cause the stitching to come loose.

If you have only cleaned part of the outer cover, you can use a hairdryer to dry it, but the weighted insert should always be hanged. We do not recommend hanging it on a radiator because radiators get too hot.

So, there we have it – how to clean a weighted blanket properly. The Koala Blanket can also be dry cleaned. You’re unlikely to be able to do this at home, but any dry-cleaning place should be able to help you out for around £10.

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