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3 Pack - Chewigem Tangle Fidget

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Everyone LOVES a tangle. Form a healthy addiction by investing in this satisfying self-regulation tool.

 Twist and turn it and enjoy it perpetually twirling around itself.

  • 3 pack (one for work/school, one for home, and one for your bag)
  • Loved by stimmers and fidgeters
  • Helps calm and distract
  • Can aid concentration
  • Self-regulation in your hand
  • Portable

Our branded tangles are super satisfying, they fit in your hand and bring a lot of pleasure when fiddled with. Three in a pack allows you to have them always on hand by placing them where you need them most.

*Colour may change from what is pictured

We are green!
All our packaging is made from recycled materials to do our bit to help the planet and in 2022 we plan to take this further by moving to paperless ordering.

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Reviews (1)

Customer reviews

  1. gh3000 (verified owner)

    Love my Chewigem tangles. Only issue was that one of them arrived in pieces and it was very hard to get them back together again.

    • scottsensooli

      Thanks for your feedback Grace, if you like, we can send out a replacement.

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