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Capikooa Balance Board

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Capikooa Balance Board from – v-capikooa

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Vestibular Seekers – this is for you!

The Capikooa board may look simple but for sensory seekers is a dream come true! It is so versatile; from wanting to wibble and wobble to chilling out in the neat curve and gently rocking.

This can really help children and adults develop proprioception, improve balance and spatial awareness as well as work well as a stimming aid by using it to rock or wobble on.

We love this product because the company that makes it is an eco-friendly toy company, making sustainable open-ended toys that encourage imagination, creativity, and movement.

Available in 2 sizes:

Capikooa Explorer balance board:

Capikooa Explorer balance board is designed for the little people in our lives, thinner and lighter than the other boards, which makes it ideal for smaller children to pick up and move around.

  • Size: 84.5×29.5×16cm approx.
  • 10 layers of beech wood – 1.5cm thick
  • Weight: 2.6Kg approx.
  • Wide enough to comfortably support up to a 4-year-old
  • Child-friendly finish using environmentally friendly water-based transparent lacquer.
  • Tested to support up to 110Kg
  • CE and EN71 toy safety tested

Capikooa Adventurer balance board:

Capikooa Adventurer balance board is the easy choice for preschool children with siblings as it is suitable for all ages – there are no worries about them outgrowing it quickly.

  • Size: 97.5×32×21cm approx.
  • 13 layers of beech wood – 2cm thick
  • Weight: 4.1Kg approx.
  • Wide enough to comfortably support up to an 8-year-old Supports up to 200Kg
  • Child-friendly finish using environmentally friendly water-based transparent lacquer.
  • Tested to support up to 200Kg
  • CE and EN71 toy safety tested

Capikooa Pioneer balance board:

Get ready to see how much big kids still love active play! The Pioneer is our biggest wooden balance board, crafted for children 8 years and older (or perfect for younger siblings to share). Strong, sleek and designed for hours of open-ended play, it’s the perfect screen-free investment to extend their imaginative fun and help them embrace the true joy of childhood.

Play proof

  • Made from high-quality beech
  • Wide enough to comfortably supports 8 years and above
  • Tested to support up to 200kg
  • Child-friendly finish using a clear environmentally friendly water-based lacquer
  • CE and meets EN71, AS/NZS ISO 8124, and ASTM F963 safety of toys

The Pioneer size

  • Size: 108×36×24cm approx.
  • Thickness: 2 cm
  • Weight: 4.3Kg approx.

We are green!
All our packaging is made from recycled materials to do our bit to help the planet and in 2022 we plan to take this further by moving to paperless ordering.

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