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These are your sensory results, displayed in order of dominance.

Visual Avoider

Visual - bright lights

Bright lights in shopping centres and sunny days are just not your thing. You find flashing lights and moving lights too much and do all you can to avoid these places and situations. Images may fragment and distort for you. You may find it hard to make and maintain eye contact. If it’s sunny or bright you blink or shut your eyes. You may struggle to fall asleep if your room is not in complete darkness. You may experience headaches and sickness when exposed to these conditions.

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Audio Seeker

Audio - silence

The noisier the better right? You perhaps like to make noises yourself with your mouth, or banging an item, or clicking something repeatedly. Sound Seekers often love the noise of a crowd, the TV up loud and music on full-blast. Maybe you love audiobooks and listening to stories rather than reading them. You might say things over and over that you like the sound of. It could make you feel excited, or calm – it could be either, but you love it and need to satisfy that urge for noise.

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Scent Seeker

Scent - sensitivity to smells

You have the ability to smell a scent from 100 miles away! Smells that some find quite pleasant or tame you feel repulsed by and it can make you feel sick like you’re going to wretch. You can often detect very tame smells – things that other people can’t and you just have to get away from that smell.

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Touch Seeker

Touch - what and when to touch

Touch is a real stimulant for you – you seek and crave it. Sometimes you may be inappropriate with what and when you touch, such as touching other people’s clothes or hair because you enjoy the sensation. You may not feel food in your mouth and seek out oral stims or enjoy chewing inedible objects and clothing. You may enjoy tight hugs and rough play. Perhaps you cannot walk past certain clothing racks in a shop without stroking them.

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Oral Seeker

Oral - chewing and biting

You’re often a lover of strong flavours, spices and tastes. You may enjoy hot food and perhaps you enjoy a variety of flavours and textures in your food. You perhaps have to be mindful of not eating too much! You might chew and destroy the neck or cuffs of your clothes. You might find chewing, biting or licking helps you focus, or improves your concentration.

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Vestibular Seeker

Vestibular - Energy!

Roundabouts, trampolines, skipping, bouncing, jumping, flapping, swinging and bumpy bus rides – these may be things you love, love love, to do! Perhaps you don’t sit still, like to balance, wobble and repeatedly rock and move. Maybe you like to shake your leg or wiggle your fingers – you just need to move! Clearly, it’s hard to bounce, jiggle, spin, rock and swing in a workplace or school – but planning for time when your body can get what it craves is possible and can satisfy that need.

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Proprioception Avoider

Proprioception - over defensive

You are sensory defensive when it comes to movement. You may avoid things that require lots of movement for fear of becoming uncomfortable. So you might avoid busy places so as not to bash into people, or you might walk around the edges of a room rather than straight through the middle. You may prefer to wear baggy clothing or bigger shoes as you don’t like the restrictiveness this can cause.

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Interoception Seeker

Interoception - recognising your body's signals

You can go hours without drinking and never realise that the banging headache you have is because not a drop of liquid has passed your lips all day. It could be almost bedtime and you remember that you have not eaten! You really struggle to recognise the signals your body is giving you that control your body’s basic needs – pain, thirst, hunger and toileting.

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