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Leaving the Den – 2 years on!

Wow… that’s 730 days since our episode shared…. 17,520 hours since we walked out with no investment… to be honest it feels FAR longer! In many ways it feels like a total out of body experience, like something we never did, but only dreamt.

It only becomes real when I consider how MUCH has happened and how much we have learnt. And if I really focus I can still make my stomach churn the way it did during the process… a churning like no other.

I remain incredibly proud of our performance, it was my maths that messed it up, but our products shone, as did we. We were humble and took what was dished out on the chin… there is no doubt it has taken our business to another level… and from there, the levels just keep coming.. like playing a computer platform game. Everyday remains a school day for me, once I thought, one day I would be on top of things… feel in control.. but I don’t. I used to struggle with that, until I have finally learnt and accepted that running a business is never finished, there is always new heights to be aimed for and that is what makes it exciting….exhausting, but exciting! So reflecting two years on, here are some highlights of our progress since this time last year.

  • Our dreams and goals are MUCH bigger… we are certainly following that saying “dream big’
  • Our team continues to expand, learning to let go of tasks remains a challenge of mine, but the right people do amazing jobs
  • We have a new business partner who is just awesome and challenges us all daily, the one previously referred to as ‘mum’ (If you read my update a year ago, you will understand.)
  • I still have that final stone to loose!
  • Nothing is ever finished… but thats ok… I read a recently a book and liked this quote ‘only dead fish swim with the river’

Our plans for the year ahead are mainly focused around our global strategy and working better with our global partners to ensure our fantastic products reach real people easily… so we can continue to help people, as essentially for both our brands Gumigem and Chewigem, that is at the heart of what we do. We add value, we support and we deliver awesome products that make a difference to peoples lives.

My company and life mission is ‘help people’, it is that simple and it is at the heart of what we do.

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