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Product spotlights

Chewigem Hack Attaching Chewigem’s To A Keyring

Chewigem Hack Attaching Chubes To Your Hoody Strings Part 2

Significantly Improve Balance & Spatial-Awareness in 5 min a Day!!

The Portable Discreet Worry Stones You Never Knew You Needed!

The Super Discreet Chew That Is Perfect For You!

The Versatile Bangle That Goes With ANY Outfit!

The Only Toothbrushing Hack You’ll Ever Need!

The 4 Best Noise Cancelling Products That Will Change Your Life

This Is Just Like Lootcrate For SPD…

The Ultimate Dual Textured Chewing Calming Anxiety Buster!

The Secret To Helping Your SPD Teen Fit In!

The SPD Support That Looks Just Like Jewellery – Perfect For Adults!

This Bangle Has Secret Non-Verbal Communication Powers…

The Most Discreet SPD Tool Ever That’s Perfect For School

Tom Tags – The Visual Aids That Can Change Your Life

How Visual Aids Can Change Your Life!