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How To Be A Neurodiverse Superhero!

Chris Bonnello is a novelist, writer & ex-teacher. If you listen to this podcast you have probably read or heard of his fantastic book Underdogs. You might also know him from his fantastic Facebook page: Autistic Not Weird!

It’s a story about neurodiverse superhero’s who are the only people left to save Britain. Find the synopsis below:

One million cloned soldiers. A nation imprisoned. A group of neurodiverse rebels fighting back.

Britain as we know it lies destroyed. In the aftermath of the most daring military coup in history, the surviving population is crammed inside giant Citadels, watched over by an army of cloned soldiers. The hope of a nation lies in a tiny number of freedom fighters hidden in the abandoned countryside – most of whom are teenagers who escaped the attack on their special school.

Seen by many as no more than misfits and ‘problem children’, this band of fighters could never have imagined the responsibility that now rests on their shoulders. But perhaps this war needs a different kind of hero. After a lifetime of being defined by their weaknesses, the teenagers must learn how to play to their strengths and become the best they can be in a world that has never been on their side.

Find out how to be a neurodiverse superhero and how Chris got into writing and becoming the author he is today:




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