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Sensooli OT Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The OT agrees to the following terms and conditions in order to deliver services under the Sensooli OT brand:

  1. Demonstrate relevant professional insurance in place.
  2. Demonstrate valid registration with the relevant professional body.
  3. Min 2 years SI practical experience.
  4. Min-level PGCERT (or equivalent) in SI.
  5. Adhere to the Sensooli process and format for Strategy Calls.
  6. Respond to all enquiries within 72 hours.
  7. Use Sensooli platform for booking therapy sessions, packages & all communications related to Sensooli OT.
  8. Sensooli will seek direct client feedback on therapy sessions for quality control.
  9. Completion of mandatory Sensory Therapist Training (1-2 hour session, FREE) to ensure support is delivered in a consistent process and format.
  10. OT’s can make use of “Sensooli Partner” branding if desired.
  11. Sensooli handles all marketing, sales transactions, and client feedback.
  12. The client remains a customer of Sensooli and therapy may only be delivered to that customer via the Sensooli platform
  13. Client communication is strictly conducted via a dedicated Sensooli email address.
  14. Responsibility for keeping your Sensooli calendar up to date with Strategy Call availability on a weekly basis.
  15.  Maintain a minimum NPS score of 90%