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Carrie Clay – Sensory Occupational Therapist

I am an OT , Sensory Integration Practitioner and Developmental Play trainer, I have been practicing for over 35 years and still not lost my passion or vision. I am experienced working with young children and teenagers who understand their world differently. I help parents and educators understand sensory and attachment needs and how they manifest in young people. I have worked overseas in India, Singapore and the Philippines and enjoy the diversity of each families unique culture and backgrounds.

I aim to provide hope in challenging circumstances

— Carrie

Years Experience

35 years as an Occupational Therapist & over 5 years sensory experience

Sensory Qualification

Sensory Integration Practitioner L3

Testimonials about Carrie

  1. I recently had a card from a family for Easter, with a thank you for giving them such hope in our clinical sessions.
  2. Following a long period of working with a non-verbal ASD child, the family saw hope and opportunity in that 1 hour a week session. They decided to invest and went back to India to a specialist ASD centre, where he is now beginning to talk and write.

Carrie's Hobbies

I love nature and walking with my dog Rodney.