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Know someone who finds some situations at home a challenge, then this call will help. 

These are just some things that can make life a real challenge at home -the very place you should feel the most comfortable.

A Sensory Strategy Call with an occupational therapist specialising in sensory processing difficulties will provide you with insights, practical steps to address and ease some of these challenges.


School can be a real area of anxiety and frustration for people with sensory processing challenges. Children can get upset, overwhelmed or withdrawn when their sensory needs are not met. 

Let our expertly trained sensory occupational therapists help you formulate a plan to work with the school to get the best outcomes for your child.


The work environment can be a real source of difficulty for those with sensory challenges – rigid break times; having to sit at your desk for set periods of time or the glare from your screen monitor; the scent wafting from the staff canteen; the dull roar of the heating or air conditioning unit; or the constant chatter or clicking on a keypad.

By talking to our specialist sensory integration occupational therapists, you will leave the call with strategies you can use to make the work your environment more manageable.