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Toggle Board Sensory Chew Pendant & Fidget

Thumb sucking just got an upgrade

The ergonomically designed pendant or toggle for when you’re ready to try something other than fingers & thumbs.

Your board - Your way - Pendant or Toggle

Redirect thumb sucking and chewing fingers is made a little easier with one of our best multifunctional fidgets.

This product was designed with finger chewers and suckers in mind.

A common stim and habit people wish to redirect is sucking and chewing fingers. And this is how this product came about. We wanted to replicate the length and feel of a finger, but without it looking like a finger and I think we nailed it! Inspiration was combined with a mix of surf and skateboards. Another need we had fed back was for chewers who like to chew with their molars, some product shapes make reaching the molars a challenge, and this product works for that style of chewing too. However, not everyone wanted this on a pendant cord so we teamed it with a simple multifunctional strap that can work on zippers, school bags, keys and buttonholes.  Giving you the choice of it being wearable or use as an attachment.

  • Multifunctional versatile strap attachment or pendant cord included
  • Choose from Glossy and shiny finish making it pleasurable to rub, lick, and stroke or classic matt
  • Its length supports molar chewing
  • Shape and feel  designed to replicate a finger
  • Discreet and trendy style
  • Available in funky Camo or subtle silvers and blacks

90% of people say Chewigem reduces their anxiety

Whether at school or work, you can adjust this cord to a shorter length, and when the urge comes to suck or nibble a finger, redirect yourself to the board pendant and break that habit. With perseverance join the thousands who have successfully managed this.


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93% of customers say their Chewigem helps them feel calmer & more focused

Great for re-directing finger and thumb sucking

Satisfyingly choice of texture

Stylish and wearable – match to your wardrobe

Improve Focus

Reduce Anxiety

Chewigem Original

Ergonomically Designed

With Sensory Processing In Mind.

For ten years Chewigem has produced world-leading designs that make no compromise between form and function.

Hundreds of thousands of happy Sensory Seekers around the globe are discovering that life-changing results are possible with the right mix of education, product function, and well-thought-through design.

Chewigem Originals

Living with SPD makes us uniquely us!  We recognize this is not always easy.  Our goal here at Chewigem is to support your sensory journey, include you in the conversation, and bring about a positive change of perception.  Spread the word that change is coming and being different is exceptional.

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