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Mind Panda Stress Balls!

Mind Panda – Three Tri-Density Motivational Stress Balls!

Aromatherapy, Hand exercise Therapy, Fidget AND Anxiety Relief For Kids & Adults! ALL IN ONE!

We Live in a fast paced, busy world. Our minds are always active and we often forget to give it time to rest or to feed it with positive habits.

Our products are designed by Professionals to help you manage your mental health and practice mindfulness on the go, anytime, anywhere and away from all distractions.

Building powerful habits that help you achieve a healthier, happier and well-balanced lifestyle

NOT your average stress ball!

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5 Undeniable reasons to get yours today!

  • STIMULATE YOUR MIND TO RELIEVE STRESS AND ANXIETY – Perfect for adults teens and kids, MindPanda’s hand therapy balls provide a natural way to de-stress. Each squeeze enhances focus, concentration, and inspires healthy thoughts with soothing aromas that calm the mind.
  • BUILD STRONGER GRIP AND MUSCLES – Use our FREE HAND THERAPY EXERCISE GUIDE to improve hand mobility and grip while increasing blood flow to your hands, fingers and forearm with every squeeze. Great relief for symptoms of arthritis or carpal tunnel
  • SPARK MULTIPLE SENSES (Aromatherapy) – Each MindPanda Fidget Ball is accompanied by its own theme, Mindfulness, positivity & Gratitude, surrounded by inspiring affirmations to keep you focused and performing at your best. Each ball also has its own unique fragrance to help keep you calm as you squish.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY EXTRA DURABLE – Each ergonomic ball, are latex and BPA-free, maintains their shape using premium materials including a tear-resistant TPR gel core and smooth touch fabric for a simply sublime squeeze. Each ball features a different degree of firmness from super soft to a grip-enhancing squish to suit every mood.
  • FREE BOOK & HAPPINESS GUARANTEED – Make 2022 the year where you develop a calm mind, boosted by free access to the ’20 Day Stress Less Challenge’ e-book (worth £9.99) with each pack. A great gift for a significant other, children, friends, a teacher or co-worker. 
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Untied , loose laces, no more!

Easy to use ANYWHERE!

Discreet – just like a regular stress ball (but with magical hidden features)!

Reduce Your Anxiety, Relieve More Stress & Promote Mindfulness!

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"Very Therapeutic & great for hand therapy"!

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