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Mind Panda – Snap Happy

Mind Panda - Snap Happy. Encourage creative thinking and expression!

We Live in a fast-paced, busy world. Our minds are always active and we often forget to give it time to rest or to feed them with positive habits.

Our products are designed by Professionals to help you manage your mental health and practice mindfulness on the go, anytime, anywhere and away from all distractions.

Building powerful habits that help you achieve a healthier, happier and well-balanced lifestyle

Mind Panda – Snap Happy

Help understanding and expressing a range of emotions!

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2 games in 1 . . . and SO MUCH MORE!

We have reinvented the classic games of Memory Match and SNAP. Dive into some fun and exciting quality time with the whole family while learning how to better understand those feelings and emotions. 1-8 Players.

✅ DON’T JUST SIT THERE – Get ready to show off your best dance moves – Pull some scary faces – and dive in deeper with your kids as you help them talk about their thoughts and  feelings and build emotional resilience.

✅ ENCOURAGE CREATIVE THINKING AND EXPRESSION – Understanding comes from deep thinking and expression. HappySnap encourages your children to think outside the box – mixing fun, laughter and education to help build social skills and emotional intelligence.

✅ CONNECT DEEPER – HappySnap is designed by professionals to help you connect on a deeper level with you loved ones. Prompting you to have meaningful conversations, talk about feelings and laugh till your eyes water

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Snap Happy - Get Happy!

Get yours friends and family involved!

3 incredible reasons why Happy Snap is PERFECT for you!

Hilariously Funny

Get Ready to show of your best dance moves, rock your air guitar and pull Some funny faces


Helping your kids to better understand all those different feelings and emotions going on inside.

Meaningful Conversations

Understand your loved ones better and discover what makes them laugh and what makes them tick.

Mind Panda – Snap Happy

SNAP yours up now!

Connect deeper with your loved ones and learn to express and understand emotions!

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" Priceless Quality Time! A huge hit with the whole family! Not only is this game fun and enjoyable, but I feel like we all understand each other a little better now. Thank you!"

-- Helena