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Juste Nature – Moisturising Balms

Sensory Friendly award-winning preservative-free natural skincare

 Juste Nature believe in a safe and natural skincare that doesn’t cost the earth. And at Sensooli, we demand it is sensory friendly and it is!

Juste Nature’s Award Winning Moisturising Balms have each been specially formulated using only natural ingredients that are known for their anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

The safe and natural balm comes in a range of unscented and gentle subtle fragrances choices, there is a scent to suit you. Scent seekers can enjoy a subtle fragrance, while scent avoiders can select the unscented version.

All of Juste Natures moisturising balms are 100% and lovingly hand-made in small batches, while special care and attention are taken to get the products just right for you.

Try it RISK-FREE Guarantee!

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100% Natural and Handmade

Scented and Unscented

Gentle on your skin

Soothing and healing

Subtle Scents


Sensooli Approved

"A great smelling item that helps you with a great self-care and hygiene routine."

-- Verified Tester

Designed with you in mind

“Juste Nature skincare stems from a place of love.

Our ingredients and scents have been inspired by the beautiful island of Mauritius, where I, Stina, the brand owner and formulator originates from.

After struggling with my son’s eczema for over 8 years, I embarked on my search for a natural alternative to my family’s daily skincare.

It soon became clear that the medicated creams only provided a temporary solution for my son’s skin condition.

Unfortunately, they also had a side effect which many eczema-sufferers can relate to: the thinning of the skin.

In 2017, I created my first formulation, the ‘All- In- One Unscented Moisturising Balm’ for sensitive skin using exclusively natural and organic oils and butters, as well as beeswax.”

Stina, Juste Nature Founder and Creator

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