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Fingers&Thumbs® Thumb Glove

Fingers & Thumbs Glove Guard Thumbs rejoice! This one is for you!

Fingers&Thumbs® Thumb Glove

We know from experience how difficult it can be to stop a habit of finger or thumb sucking. Enter Fingers&Thumbs® Thumb Glove!

These gloves also help with kicking habits such as skin picking, skin biting or compulsive hair pulling.  Our gloves are also popular for those treating eczema.

Fingers & Thumbs Thumb Glove.

I’m 27 and unfortunately I’ve been sucking my thumb throughout my life. I’ve tried many things to quit including being hypnotised, So far nothing has worked. I bought my first glove and I never take it off - it’s working a dream and hopefully kick the habit for good!

-- Charlie

Break those habits!

Thumb sucking

One in four children starts sucking their thumb in their early years. It is a natural soother and unless causing medical issues it should not be discouraged. Most stop when they start school or only turn to their soother from time to time. This is usually around 4 – 6 years old. Others just feel they don’t need it anymore just like a dummy is put away or the comfort blanket is no longer needed. However, for others it becomes habitual and very very difficult to stop. Excessive sucking can cause malocclusion and further health concerns such as sore blisters and wort like hard skin. For others it can also make them embarrassed and impact on socializing causing increased anxiety. Health specialists and orthodontists may recommend different ways to deter the thumb sucking habit including try wearing a thumb guard. A Fingers&Thumbs® glove is a comfortable, visible and mindful deterrent to kick the habit. It should be used together with positive, motivational incentives and work well in combination with sensory biting aids offered by Sensooli®.

Skin Picking | Skin Biting | Compulsive Hair Pulling

Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours (BFRB) such as Dermatillomania and Trichotillomania are compulsive habits that often start in the adolescent years. It is estimated that more than 1 in 20 suffer with skin picking but many do not know there is help available and it can be very isolating for the person suffering with it. Due to the compulsive behaviour related to these habits we always recommend talking to a friend, family or seek help from your GP if you have concerns. The NHS and health specialists suggest using a glove in combination with sensory aids. For many, a visual deterrent is all that is needed for a short period of time. Fingers&Thumbs® Gloves are helpful during the process that is often referred to as ‘Habit Reversal Training’. However, using a glove is not a cure and is only meant as a help when the compulsion to pick, bite or pull kicks in. For those who may be dealing with deeper underlying issues we recommend seeking further help for advice and support.

Why choose Fingers & Thumbs®

This design is unique. It has no closing mechanism that scratches or itches the hand. The fabric is soft and elastic so the glove can easily be put on and taken off and is a great fit for our changing activities during the day. We have two colours to choose from and a range of sizes to cater to all ages. Our gloves are touch screen compatible.

Fingers & Thumbs Glove Guard

Sometimes the single things are the best!

Great for re-directing thumb sucking

Soft comfortable fabric

Available in Pink or Blue

After a couple of months using your glove, my daughter no longer sucks her thumb. She says she no longer has to feel embarrassed at sleepovers.

-- Mrs H

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