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Course: 6 Weeks to Sensory Perception

Create better sensory habits in just 6 weeks...

The 6 Weeks to Sensory Perception course will fast-track your understanding of SPD & help you integrate helpful strategies into your daily routine. Led by resident neuro-diverse expert Loz you have both academic and real life experience to support your SPD journey.

  • Understand all 8 senses and how they affect daily living
  • Identify your own personal sensory challenges with the use of a diary
  • Manage Sensory overloads, meltdowns and shutdowns
  • Energy accounting
  • Selecting the right sensory accessories, fidgets and chews


What you get...

6 Week Online Training

One to One SPD Expert

Facilitated SPD Support Group – Facebook

Free Resources worth £40

sensory diary | energy accounting

FREE Sensory Chew

A course that works around your schedule

The 6 Weeks to Sensory Perception course content is a series of videos, worksheets, tasks, posts, and emails that will guide you through the actions you need to take to gain the sensory perception you are seeking.

Easily accessible via your email meaning they can be done at any time. As well as ongoing content, and support from within the peer-to-peer support group, which is privately hosted on Facebook.

If you face daily sensory struggles join the course and be guided through the complex world of sensory processing difficulties.

The introductory price of 59.95 is only available for the first course starting October 4th From November onwards the course will be £99.95 (67 credits)

Join your fellow students who are embarking on the same journey to master sensory perception in the private dedicated Facebook Group.

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Key Features

The entire course at a special introductory price of £59.95 (40 credits)

Includes a Chewigem of your choice, a perfect start and functional beyond chewing

Content accessible when it suits you

Private Peer to Peer Group Support & 1:1 with Loz if required included

It Takes Two...

Within the 6 Weeks to Sensory Perception course we will provide you with the tools and information to equip you with the knowledge, confidence, and skills to master your SPD.

But we cannot do the work for you, YOU have to commit to this course and follow the actions to see results. 

With our expertise and support combined with YOUR commitment, you WILL cement your success and understanding with the potential to have a life-changing impact.

  • If you do not have access to Facebook – you can still do the course but would not get the peer to peer support from the group. Loz would still offer you support via email or chat.
  • This course starts on October 4th 2021 and will run for 6 weeks.
  • Intake for this session will close on September 30th, 2021
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