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Baby / Fidgety Paper!

Baby Paper!

Babies and adults can’t resist the crunch sound and satisfying texture of the new Baby and Fidgety Paper!

Baby Paper
Baby paper is specifically designed so it is covered in ultra soft, safety tested materials, it’s sure to be babies’ favourite first toy.
Perfectly sized for tiny hands to grasp, babies learn from the simple sensory stimulation the sound makes. Great for baby gifts too!

Available in 2 amazing designs:

– Black and White Stripe
– Jungle

But WHY should only babies enjoy the sensation and feeling of crunchy satisfying goodness?! Introducing . . . 

Fidgety Paper!

Fidgety Paper

All the same amazing qualities as Baby paper . . but for grown-up kids and adults!

Available in pocket-size black and white for “on the go” or large polka dot for when a little . . . just isn’t enough! Fantastic for anyone who needs sensory stimulation!