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Guerilla Aspie With Paul Wady (Sensory Matters #24)

This week on Sensory Matters Jenny chats to the Guerilla Aspie, Paul Wady. We met Paul at the Autism Show back in June. He has recently had his show on at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Paul was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 41. Before his diagnosis, he had a skill set that he never ever used. Since diagnosis, he has started to use his creative side which has led him to write the Guerilla Aspie Handbook which he has also taken to the stage and start a Theatre Company called Stealth Aspie Theatre Company.

This is an interesting podcast where we find out how Buddism and his wife have helped him to manage his own mental health.

In the Punk Rock of Neuro Diversity, he would like to be Bowie but is he more Johnny Rotten?

Find Out More About Paul Wady On His Website:

Paul Wady’s Website

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