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Sensory Perception – Understand Your Senses

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What you can expect from the online Sensory Perception Course

Our resident neurodivergent expert  Loz has put together a cracking 6-module course that will help you master your sensory challenges. Using her own experience and over 10 years of knowledge, you can expect to get the following from joining the course:

  • Completely understand all 8 senses and how they affect daily living
  • Identify your own personal sensory challenges with the use of a diary
  • Discover strategies and tricks to master challenges in everyday situations
  • Learn about sensory overloads and the difference between meltdowns and shutdowns
  • Understand how energy accounting can prevent the above
  • Discover the importance of sensory products and how to select the right products for you


With the Online Sensory Perception Course, you can follow the modules in your own time online using your phone, tablet or computer. Alongside this, we have a private Facebook group, just with your fellow students who are embarking on the same journey to master sensory perception. This adds further peer support to all in the group and Loz will be on hand to guide, support, and answer any questions you have. This support does not end – it is lifelong, we are always on hand to help.

You can get this Online Sensory Perception Course at a special introductory rate of £59.95 (40 credits) and includes a Chewigem as your first sensory product. Chewigem’s are so much more than just chewables and can help a range of the senses.

The course content is a series of videos, information, and tasks that will guide you through the actions you need to take to gain the sensory perception you are seeking. These are accessible via our website with support in the group when you need it.

So if you face daily sensory struggles and want to be guided through the complex world of sensory processing difficulties, this is the course for you. Loz will provide you with the tools and information, all you need to do is commit to actioning the tasks and learning. These two things combined will cement your success and understanding with the potential to have a life-changing impact.

Sensory difficulties do not go away… but with the right support and strategies, they can be managed.

*If you do not have access to Facebook – you can still do the course but would not get the peer to peer support from the group, but you can email Loz for support. Any questions please do get in touch we will gladly help.

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