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Chubes Vs Board Pendant

Chubes Vs Board Pendant

Chubes Vs Board Pendant. When you’re looking to redirect from using a dummy or thumb and finger sucking the Chubes and the Board Pendant are great. But how do you know which of the 2 will work best for you? We compare them here to help you decide.


The Chubes are fantastic for redirecting those who like to bite dummies or bottle teats. They have a hollow centre which gives that same “pop” that you get from a teat. Because of the round cylinder shape, they are also great to redirect from finger and thumb sucking. Although the Chubes are much stronger and the silicone is thicker than a teat so remember you will need to adjust. These awesome Chewigems have a smooth matt finish and get 4 in a pack so when comparing how long they last to dummies and bottles don’t forget to take that into account! They are quite a flexible product and are really discreet. There are many ways to use the Chubes and we have hacks available on Youtube and our website. Here’s a hack to help wean from a dummy.

Board Pendant

The Board Pendant was specifically designed to help people redirect from thumb-sucking and for those who needed a longer product to reach their molars. We wanted to replicate the length and feel of a finger, but without it looking like a finger and I think we nailed it! The first Board Pendants we made had a smooth matt finish and they we fairly solid yet flexible. These were an immediate hit with our thumb suckers but for those more aggressive chewers, they weren’t strong enough. We went back to the drawing board and decided to also bring these out in a smooth gloss finish because gloss products are slightly more hard-wearing than matt.

Toggle Board

Initially, we had 2 products, the Board Pendant and the Toggle Board. The Board Pendant came on a rough cord with a breakaway clasp to wear around the neck. And the Toggle Board came on a toggle attachment to attach to things like zips and bags. They were all the same colours and product so we merged them together and now when you order you will get a cord and a toggle attachment so that you can swap between the 2! Here Jenny shows us how it works on a toggle attachment.

ProductChubesBoard Pendant
Product TypeNecklaceNecklace
Durability Level33
Flexibility Level33
Firmness Level33
Thickness Level33
Discreetness Level55
Cord TypeRoughRough
Breakaway ClaspYesYes
Amount In A Pack41
Lifespan (based on aggressive chewers)3 weeks2 weeks
Durability, flexibility, firmness, thickness & discreetness levels 1-5 (5 being the most)

If you’d like to chat about which product would work best for you please just send us a message. We’ve been helping people find the right chew for them for over 12 years now – it’s what we do!

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