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Chewigem Sensory Necklace Hack Removing Berries

Designed to give you something incredibly satisfying to reach up and feel the weight of those beads in your hands, twist and fiddle with them and feel your body relax as the sensations smooth and help you calm.

If you love a piece of chunky statement jewelry then this could be the product for you, but if you don’t, then don’t write this one off… strip it down to fewer beads, or have it in your pocket to fiddle with.

The Berries also have a surprise bonus feature. The uber figetable texture is perfect when you if you want to try it out as a pocket fidget. The bead in the centre has the same texture as the berries and makes a portable stimmable pocket companion.

Chewigem Sensory Necklace Hack Removing Berries and adapting to meet your needs.

Our Berries Necklace is a fantastic sensory experience but for some people, it’s a bit too heavy or bulky.

Don’t worry because we have a hack for that! Here Lorraine shows you how to remove berries from your necklace to make them lighter and also how to swap them onto a silky cord.

Here Lorraine Shows You How

We hope you found this Chewigem Sensory Necklace Hack Removing Berries helpful.

Chewigems are so versatile you can do so many things with them and they help in so many different ways. What you see might not always be what you get. Here at Sensooli we have loads of Chewigem Hacks for you.

For more hacks check out the content hub here or our Youtube Channel here

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