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Autism Myths With Jamie Young (Sensory Matters #23)

This week on Sensory Matters Jenny chats to our very own Jamie about Autism myths.

“she’s perfect don’t forget that” (listen and you’ll get it)

Jamie tells us a little about her journey and how she feels about being diagnosed as autistic. She doesn’t care if she’s autistic or not as she is just her.

Chatting about some autism myths she tells us something that she hears people say that gets her really angry and how she’d rather have Autism than be dead!

She talks about her ups and downs and the strategies that work for her when she feels she is going to have a meltdown.

Her mum is her biggest supporter and they have a really fantastic open relationship and Jamie can tell her mum anything.

What does Jamie have planned for the future? A partner who likes pets and a million cats of course!

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