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Autism Hero Awards and Autism’s Got Talent with Anna Kennedy (Sensory Matters #7)

This week Jenny was chatting to Anna Kennedy the founder of the Autism Hero Awards. Anna is such an amazing lady who has even got an OBE from the Queen herself!

She has 2 boys on the spectrum and she set up a school because there was nowhere for her to go. Find out all about the challenges of opening up and building a school from scratch.

Anna then set up a charity which develops and delivers training, legal advice, helpline, social media, roadshows and talks around the UK. The charity raises awareness of the challenges faced by people with disabilities. Anna created The Autism Hero Awards (which Chewigem won in 2017), Autism’s Got Talent and her own expo.

To quote Anna herself: ‘People with autism shouldn’t be hidden. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. I want all children, including my own boys, to have the chance to make a mark on the world just like everybody else.’

Find Anna on her Website and Facebook:

Anna Kennedy Online Facebook

Anna Kennedy Online Website

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