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The Portable Discreet Worry Stones You Never Knew You Needed!

The Portable Discreet Worry Stones You Never Knew You Needed!

A chewable worry stone

Sometimes you need a chew that just fits great in your mouth, wouldn’t it be great if it doubled up as a super discreet, portable worry stone too so that you could help your anxiety on the go discreetly?

If that sounds good then here are 4 reasons you need to try the Raindrop!


The Raindrop is a unique Chewigem because it can double up as an excellent anxiety buster… think of it as a chewable worry stone, while chewing it you can rub your fingers over the glossy finish as an extra calming stim! It’s great for those times that you’re anxious and chewing just isn’t enough.

Find Out What Stimwise Thinks:


This Chewigem is a fantastic pair-up with any outfit. Stylish while also being discreet you can match it up to anything, literally anything and it wouldn’t stand out!

I have worn it with a suit, my casual wear and my teaching wear and it fits in with each… no one will look twice at it unless you want them to!

Find out how Katy adapts hers in this great video:


As with all our Chewigems, the Raindrop is chewable (see, it’s in the name 😉 ). However, unlike other Chewigems, the Raindrop has a unique shape that gives it fantastic bounce back which makes the chewing experience extra enjoyable!

Find Out Why Just Jenni Loves Chewing It:


The Raindrop is a great Chewigem for those people who aren’t sure what chew to start with. It’s the perfect thickness and texture for those people who have never tried a Chewigem and just need something to chew on, it really is the essential chew!


So if you’re looking for the perfect chew for you, then you should try the Raindrop. It’s discreet, adaptable, chewable, calming, and just all-around awesome!

Need one – well you can get it now for just £16.95 which is a small price to pay to rub your worries away!