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5 Top Autism Blogs & Podcasts

Everything you need to know about Autism from our 5 top Autism blogs and Podcasts. Autism is a neurological condition which, affects the way people communicate and experience the world around them. Autistic people can have difficulties with social interaction, communication, and processing. Every autistic person is different but they will see, hear and experience the world differently.

Our Content Hub is full of information about autism. Here we’ve chosen 5 of our popular blogs and podcasts and collated them right here for you.

We hope they help!

#1: What Is Autism? 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Autism

10 Things you did not know about Autism

Autism affects 1% of the population!  That means that there are approximately 665735 autistic people in the UK right now! There are so many misconceptions and misunderstandings around autism. There are way more than 10 to clear up but we’d be here all day. So here are just 10 things in our autism blog.

Read It Here: 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Autism

#2: 5 Things That Happen When Your Child Is Diagnosed

Autism Diagnosis in Children

So your child has just been diagnosed Autistic and you’re wondering what happens next? It can be an uneasy time, desperate to support your child. Trying to help them feel accepted, confident and ensure they get the support they need to excel in life. Our Autism blog covers 5 things you can expect once your child is diagnosed.

Read It Here: 5 Things That Happen When Your Child Is Diagnosed

#3: The Sensory Matters Podcast: Adult Diagnosis With Laura James

Sensory Matter Podcast Episode 30 - laura James

Laura is an author, columnist & journalist diagnosed with EDS, POTS & Autism. We find out how she got her adult diagnosis. What her special interests are, and how lucky she is to sleep in her own room! And if you don’t know she is also the author of the brilliant book ‘Odd Girl Out’. This is a highly recommended, fantastic and enlightening read. Plus Laura is an all-around lovely person and it makes this episode an easy and fascinating listen.

Listen Here:



#4: 5 Things That Happen When You’re Diagnosed As An Autistic Adult

Adult with Autism

Autism diagnosis in later life is becoming more commonplace. If you are seeking a diagnosis or just got one then this is well worth a read.

Read It Here: 5 Things That Happen When You’re Diagnosed As An Autistic Adult

#5: What Is Masking And How Do I Help?

Autism masking

Unlike popular belief, masking isn’t just for girls! Anyone can mask and it can be extremely exhausting. Imagine it like constantly playing a part in a play and never being able to step ‘out of character. We hope that this blog has helped out in finding out what masking is and how you can help someone who masks!

Read It Here: What Is Masking And How Can I Help?


We hope these 5 amazing pieces of content have helped you to understand, accept and be more knowledgeable about autism.

We have loads more amazing content and helpful information in Our Content Hub and our amazing Free Sensory Support Group on Facebook!

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