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3 must have office fidgets for keeping you calm at work

6 must have office fidgets for keeping you calm at work.

Fidgeting at work can help you self-regulate and stay on task. But it does not have to be the traditional work stress ball, fidget spinner, or a newtons cradle.  Here are 3 must-have office fidgets for keeping you calm at work, that won’t annoy your colleagues.

The Flip Bangle

This product looks so much like a charity bangle and so can blend in easily no matter what the situation. Perfect for the office. The secret to this bangle despite its simple looks is in the name! It is flippable… this has a couple of benefits… firstly, you can change the look but choosing which colour you want on show, but the BEST thing is they are so satisfying to flip around, repeatedly. On top of that, they are a joy to squish and twist as they are flexible and ping back into shape when released.  What’s not to love?

Pocket-sized fidget friendly worry stones

A deserving place on the 3 must-have office fidgets is the worry stones! The texture on these are sooo satisfying to rub. They have a stipple effect on them, making them a pleasure to handle. Perfect for the office because you can keep them tucked in your pocket. Got a presentation? gently rub them, subtly inside your pocket to ground yourself.

The Versatile Toggle Board

The toggle board is so adaptable. It can easily be looped onto a buttonhole, a belt loop, your keys.. pretty much anything! It is only limited by your imagination. Available in a matt or polished finish to suit your preferred sensory texture input, both are addictively bendy and springy, making them a solid and satisfying fidget and one of the 3 must-have office fidgets.

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