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18 Weeks Parental Leave You’re Missing Out On!

18 Weeks Parental Leave You’re Missing Out On!

This week, the chew crew talk about the 18 weeks parental leave you didn’t know you had!

Also on the podcast, we discuss the interesting points that came up during last weeks podcast with Sheep Dog Says. Especially how it felt good to hear a dad’s perspective on Autism.

Find last week’s podcast here:

Autistic Children and Dealing With Change!

Our sensory Matter this week surrounds service dogs and whether there is enough being done to regulate service dogs. They also discuss the advantages of having a service dog for people with disabilities.

Lastly, we answer our listener question about managing to do things you enjoy without getting overloaded, where Lorraine and Katy have some great tips!

Listen to the podcast to find out all about the 18 weeks of extra parental leave you could be missing out on if you have a child under 18.