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10 Things You Don’t Want Your Sensory Child To Chew

10 Things You Don't Want Your Sensory Child To Chew

10 Things You Don’t Want Your Sensory Child To Chew

If you are reading this blog you probably have a child with the need to chew?


They may be Autistic, have ADHD or some other form of Sensory Needs.  They may also just have the need to chew! Through my own experience and from speaking to all the lovely people in our Chewigem community I have complied a list of the


Top 10 things our children chew that we don’t want them to! 


In no particular order:


1. Zips – it’s winter but you can’t put a coat on your child because they chew the zip or the zip pull straight off! It costs a small fortune.  The solution (in my case) a coat with Buttons she chewed those off too!


2. Pens/Pencils – whilst in school or at home doing homework you child chews the end of their pens or pencils, this helps them to focus and concentrate, but it’s not ideal!


3. Cables/Headphone Wires – IPad charger cables and Headphone wires are just there to be chewed apparently!


4. Games Controllers – how many times have you told them to take that Wii Controller out of their mouth?


5. Metal – what is it with keys? I often find my daughter hanging from the front door with the keys in her mouth …


6. Hands/Fingers – this one isn’t nice, lots of our kids chew their hands, fingers or nails.  We get lots of reports of kids having infections of the skin due to this 🙁


7. Hair – lets face it, hair is just in the perfect place to be chewed!


8. Toys – any toy will do, soft and cuddly or a metal car if it’s there it’s gonna get chewed.


9. Remote Control – what is it about the remote control? I don’t see the appeal myself but apparently our kids can’t get enough of a good old remote control.


10. Clothing – this is possible the biggest bug bare for us parents, necklines and cuffs are the most common things to be chewed and this can come at a very expensive price 🙁


Do you have anything else to add to the list? We’d love to hear your experiences