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10 incredible Chewigem’s that will WOW anyone this Christmas!

Here are the top 10 Chewigems that will WOW anyone this Christmas. With over a decade of Chewigem’s gracing Santa sacks across the globe, we thought it was time to do a chart-topping fun post highlighting the movers and shakers in the top 10. The Chewigem’s that have stood the test of time, that people cannot get enough of and come back for time and time again! Based on last year’s festive sales, let’s see how the Chewigem’s faired and which got the accolade of holding the top spot!

What’s new pussycat! Holds onto the 10th spot!

This funky cat pendant is a great all-rounder for many starting their chewing journey. With its dual texture, it delights the senses. It is softer than some of the range meaning it is easy on the jaw. The Cat pendant holds its place in our top 10. Adored by cat fans, mild chewers, and tactile seekers alike. If you are new to the chewing world it makes a great first choice, allowing you to learn your chew strength and texture preferences.

In at No. 9… the super handy hand fidget!

Put your hands together for this nifty little favourite, rising two places to take the 9th spot! It does exactly what it says on the tin… it fits in your hand and makes a great fidget. But don’t be fooled, it does not stop there…this clever, yet simple Chewigem Original can also be chewed. This makes a fantastic alternative for chewers and fidgeters alike who don’t wish to wear something or are looking for something portable they can slip in their pocket.  An ideal stocking filler anyone with fidgety fingers would enjoy.

Who let the dogs out? The Chewigem Dog Tags hold onto 8th place!

One of Chewigem’s oldest designs, often copied but never bettered. It’s no wonder we see this one holding onto its 8th position in the Chomp Charts. A classic design, that also works well for those working out their chewing style, who like a smooth texture or do not enjoy something too firm. Flexible and soft, a joy to bend over in your mouth, providing lots of oral stimulation.

Down 1 place to 7th…but holding on strong in the top 10! Dooo be dooo… the Hexichew! handy hand fidget!

Don’t mind if we do! We love the Hexichew! And clearly so does everyone else with it staying in the top 10! The Hexichew gives you a lot to get your teeth into, with 6 arms to chomp on, firm but with a good amount of bounce back. But the Hexichew goes way beyond that! It has hidden powers that mean you can also improve your hand strength as you loop the balls into the loops. It’s a hugely popular at-home chew.

Raindrops keep falling on my head… but rising up our chart to No. 6

So subtle, so discreet, so stylish, it is no wonder this one has climbed the charts. It may look simple, but don’t be fooled, it is strong and smooth, meaning it’s a joy to run your tongue over or rub between your fingers. A wide range of colours from bright to subtle combined with our usual breakaway clasp. This means it blends in at work and is widely accepted in school.

Rocking into the top 5, the Tread Bangle

This versatile chew is deserving of a top 5 spot and we are not surprised by its popularity. Not only is it just darn cool and funky, but it is also dual-textured, hitting important stimulation for those oral seekers. It has a nice balance of feeling firm but provides a satisfying bounce back. Subtle and funky colours. Guaranteed to bring joy to anyone that finds this at the bottom of their stocking. The Tread Bangle is available in child or adult size and has earned its place in our top 10 Chewigem charts.

In at number 4… Push the Button

The chew to choose if you destroy your chews in record time. The Button Pendant is ever-popular. I have to confess I was expecting this to go straight to number 1! So many people struggle to find a chew that lasts and whilst it is not always as simple as choosing the toughest (there are many more factors that need to be considered and we are always on hand to guide you if you are unsure) the Button pendant does perform extremely well. Nothing lasts forever though, even this robust chew has its limits.

A surprise entry, at number 3! The VIC Annual membership was the gift that kept on giving last year!

Ok, not a classic chew, but still last festive season the VIC annual membership was our 3rd top-selling product. When you think about it, that should not be a surprise. What a wonderful gift to give anyone with sensory needs.  120 store credits to spend and the receiver can choose what suits them! Plus additional savings, a private support group, and many other benefits to boot!

Rising to the no. 2 spot, the world has worked clocked onto the versatility of the chubes.

Frankie says CHUBE! (ok showing my age now!) But seriously, Frankie would say Chube! A pendant (with 3 spares), a pencil topper, slip onto your hoodie strings, attach to a keyring, slide over headphone wires… the possibilities are infinite, the versatility incredible. Makes a great fidget or a chew.

Straight to No. 1 Only launched last year and this product hit the top spot!

This was the no.1 product we sold over the festive period last year. We expect the same this year, as it just hits the spot on so many levels plus this year’s box has had an upgrade. Use as an advent box for those who like gifts spread over advent to prevent overwhelm, or as a main gift for Christmas day. Improvements include not one, but 2 exclusive festive chews, 11 Chewigems, and a range of classic fidget toys.  This is sure to put a smile on anyone sensory this Christmas, whilst helping the purchaser out as it is heavily discounted.

So that concludes our Top 10 Chewigem’s charts. Some surprise entries and some we could have predicted. We have had some new entries this year, the upgraded cactus chubes, opening the world of the amazing chubes to those who need textured stimulation and the infinity pendant, loved by those needing length in their chew. I wonder where they may feature following this festive season.


Right now if you spend over £30 online with us we will add a FREE Glow in the Dark pendant totally free! That’s like  3 for 2 offer! UK postage is FREE always too!

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