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10 Great SPD Companies We Love Working With

10 Companies We Love Working With

10 Great SPD Companies we Love working with are listed below. Over the last 10 years, we have worked with so many other companies to bring our customers amazing offers, prizes, and discounts. There really are too many to name but if you’ve worked with us in the past you know who you are!

It was hard but we’ve narrowed down our 10 favorite companies and we are currently working with them all and they are all included somewhere in our 10-year giveaway!

So here they are a little bit about why we are loving working with them!

Just Ausome

Where do I start with Just Ausome. We have collaborated with JA for as long as they have been established. We share a very similar customer database but it is much more than that. We love what JA does and what they stand for. We love their products and own most of them personally. But we really really love them as people! Mona and her family are just amazing people and we are proud to call them friends.


Fairly new to the Sensooli website but already having a massive impact on ourselves and our customers. TouchPoints are an amazing product that helps to relieve stress and anxiety and promote better sleep. I’ve got them – they work! But again TouchPoints are an amazing and friendly company and nothing we’ve asked of them for ourselves or our customers has been too much.


We have recently started to work with Tiimo, which is a visual app ideal for those of us who are neurodiverse. The app gives those who need structure and visual guidance every day just that in app form! Another small team of real people who just want to help their customers and share a very wholesome similar approach to business as we do ourselves. 

Born Anxious 

Another mum of an autistic child who has created a clothing label with 2 objectives, one is to make clothing as comfortable as possible but also remaining planet friendly! Born Anxious products hold important information with the aim of not only helping the wearer but also the caregiver. Born Anxious has some really great designs and we look forward to working alongside them more in 2021.

Teen Calm

Teen Calm is all about self-care. It is an amazing subscription box designed by Cathy and her daughter to help stop teenagers from having to pretend they’re okay when they are not. Their aim is to soothe and aid them in understanding what they are going through. Knowing exactly how they feel going through life anxious, they want to do everything they can to make Teen Calm accessible and affordable to all. What’s not to love!

Orkid Ideas

Tom Tags from Orkid Ideas are a unique and innovative design, this communication tool helps children and young people develop coping strategies to manage their day, using structure, organization and predictability – at home, at school and when out and about.

TomTag has a positive effect on behavior by reducing anxieties and frustrations and making it easier for your child to understand, follow, and remember what they need to do.

It’s a visual support that children love to use. But guess what us adults love them too!

Tangle Angel

Self-care and personal hygiene can be really difficult for those of us who have sensory difficulties. With hair brushing being a particular issue. Many of us actually choose to keep our hair short to make hair brushing easier, but getting a haircut can also be a sensory nightmare. The Tangle Angel is a real hair angel. Brush your hair gently with no harsh tugging.  Easy to hold and easy on your hair, thanks to our Memory Flex® bristles. It’s anti-static to reduce flyaway hair, antibacterial and, heat resistant for blow-drying, and water-resistant for use in the shower. It really is a hair brushing breakthrough.


This comes from a mum who wanted to learn to play with her own 2 children. As play didn’t come naturally to her she reached out online for help and started making sensory toys. These sensory toys aren’t just for little ones they can help alleviate stresses and anxieties for people with Dementia, Anger Management, Autism, Depression, or simply as a way for anyone to switch off and relax.  The use of Sensory Toys are excellent for the elderly to babies for helping to improve fine and gross motor skills; not to mention helping us all to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Mama Smartz

Wandering and running off is quite common for people and children in our community. Even as an adult I have no road sense. Hands-On Magnets encourage your kids to stay still, and in a safe place once you unload them from the car. This means less wandering off around moving cars. Kids learn a consistent and safe way to wait every time they get in and out of the car. These stickers and magnets are great!


Bring your imagination to life with Jumping Clay. This stuff is fantastic for mess-free sensory play. Playing with Jumping Clay stimulates all the senses and provides a 3-dimensional space to manipulate the educational environment. It’s a hands-on learning tool that helps reinforce development and education while learning by doing. It helps great students achieve more and struggling learners to master more complex concepts. Plus it’s super fun!

Here’s To The Future

Thank you to everyone we have worked with over the past 10 years. The 10 Great SPD Companies we Love working with listed here are only a fraction of some of the amazing companies we have worked with and will work with in the future. We are always open to collaborating with companies who have the same ethics and values as we do ourselves. If you want to work with us or you know a company you’d like us to work with please let us know.

Don’t forget you can win some amazing products from ourselves and all of these companies in our big 10 years live giveaway!

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