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10 Fun Facts About Some of Our Team

10 things that you might be interested to know about our Sensooli team

Just for fun and in celebration of our 10th year serving the SPD world, here is some insight to the people behind the desks – those people that answer the phone, respond to messages, design our graphics, write our emails, post out your orders and, design our products. Some you see front and center, and others are behind the scenes, but together we make the best team in the world and have you at the heart of what we do. 

Here  are 10 things that you might be interested to know about our Sensooli team:

  1. Jenny our CEO has done 3 bungee jumps.
  2. Jenny gets to sleep at night by staring at her alarm clock that projects onto the ceiling the time, and outside and inside temperatures. She uses the numbers on that to try and make as many combinations of the number 8 as she can (I know, weird right?!).
  3. We have a Scott (Operations Assistant).- he’s someone you won’t know, as Scott is new to the team in January 2021. He has an impressive beard. 
  4. Lorraine (Community Manager) was born sucking the index and middle finger of her right hand. Something she continued to do until she was 4 and broke her right arm. It was in plaster for a very long time so she had to switch to her left index finger and middle finger. She continued to do this until she was a young adult.
  5. Jamie (Facebook Star) was named in the 1980s almost 2 decades before they were born. When Jamie’s mam was a tiny little girl she found out a girl in her village was called Jamie and from that day she vowed that if she ever had a little girl she would be called Jamie. As it happens, Jamie is non-binary and one thing that has been a real bonus is having a gender-neutral name.
  6. Pippa (Customer Services & Trade Relations) can roll her tongue into three different shapes.  Gross to some but intriguing to others.  Fun fact – both her girls can do it too, her husband not so much :0)
  7. Pippa likes to switch everything off at the wall, especially the kettle after it has boiled.  She is, very, very wary, of the kettle!
  8. Stuart (Warehouse Ninja) has a large birthmark on his right calf… his son has exactly the same size and shape birthmark on his right calf too.
  9. Stuart can make the noise of a helicopter with his nostril. His talents are endless.
  10. Chris (Strategy Guru) lives in Germany but is from Wales

Well now have learned 10 things about our Sensooli team, why not find out the team’s top 10 rated Chewigems.

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