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10 Chewigems We Love the Best

10 Chewigems We Love the Best as chosen by the Sensooli team

Did you know that in 10 years we have designed and brought to market over 60 products (in 3-10 colour variants each!). Some have been and gone, and some have stayed the test of time and remain firm favourites to this day. In 2021 we have 4 new products due to come to market providing they pass our strict pre-production assessments. We asked the team for their favourite Chewigems and why…

1.The Realm Ring

This is such a classic and simple design, but really robust. I totally love it because it is so discreet and can blend in with every day and smarter wear. You can also use it to fidget with. Jenny (Big Chief)

2.The Hand Fidget 

This one is awesome because it fits in the palm of your hand and has a loose bead in the centre you can fiddle with but it’s totally chewable too and it fits in your pocket, making it really portable. Jenny (Big Chief)

3. The Chubes

These are so good firstly because you get 4 in a pack so they are a real value-for-money product. Secondly, because they are so discreet – on hoodies, as a necklace, or on the end of a pen they don’t stand out. Lorraine (Community Manager)

4. Worry Stones 

I love the Worry Stones because my favourite chew experience has to be the Zen Stones. Unfortunately, the Zen Stones aren’t my style so I don’t feel comfortable wearing them as a necklace. The Worry Stones are the same as the Zen Stones but handheld. This means I can have my favourite chew which also doubles up as a handheld fidget. I would have chosen the hand fidget if Jenny hadn’t pipped me to it, lol, because that got me through my autism diagnosis. But the Worry Stones weren’t available then and had they been,  they’d have been my top choice! Lorraine (Community Manager)

5. Emotichew 

I love the emotichew because it helps me communicate at school. It doesn’t stand up to my chewing needs so I do need to replace it regularly, but when I struggle at school my teachers and TA’s understand that if my bangle is on red I need space and support, and if it’s on green I’m happy to chat and lark around! – Jamie (Facebook Star)

6. The Skull Pendant 

Not only is it cool and funky it also has a  dual texture. As the technical drawer in the company, it is one of my favourites because the process of seeing something start in 2D on paper and then come out as a physical 3D product is always amazing! This one was actually inspired by my son’s love of pirates and a pair of pants he had as a toddler. Stuart (Warehouse Manager)

7. The Chewipal 

I love the fact it was designed for one purpose but accidentally works in multiple ways. We had requests for something to attach pendants and bangles to buttonholes, wheelchairs or belt loops, but people wanted it to be chewable too. So that’s what the Chewipal does. but with its raised numbs and flappy nature it also works as a tactile stim aid for sensory input and for repetitive stimming by pinging or flapping it. Failing that you can ping it, just for fun across a room, like you do an elastic band! Stuart (Warehouse Manager)

8.The Wave

I am such a fidget and love the feel and texture of this one, I can often be found twisting it round and round. Pippa (Customer Services)

9. The Bijoux Bangle

 I love these, they go with everything and the texture is amazing – Amy (Finance)

10. The Dog Tags

Subtle, discreet, adjustable, unisex. A softer chew but the two tags make it nice to fidget with too. – Amy (Finance)

So there you have it the Sensooli teams 10 Chewigems We Love the Best.

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